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Our Coworking Reciprocity Program allows members of The Masthead to work out of any Flywheel branded or affiliate location within the Flywheel network.

How to schedule your affiliate location visit:

  1. Notify your home location Community Manager of the location name, date and time you wish to visit
  2. Allow 24 hours’ notice for coworking and 1 week notice for meeting room bookings
  3. Arrive 30 minute early for a short orientation to the space
  4. Check in with the visiting location Community Manager upon arrival
  5. Check-in is 8:30 AM, check-out is 5:00 PM

Affiliate Locations Use FAQs

Do I need to make a reservation in advance or can I just pop in?

Traveling members must request coworking access at least 24 hours prior to arrival. 1 week ahead for meeting room reservations is recommended in order to guarantee room bookings.

Can I use my home location room credits for meeting room bookings in another location?

Traveling members enjoy published member rates for meeting room use. We are not able to deduct room credits away from your home location.

Can I use another affiliate location after hours?

Traveling members may only use visiting spaces between 8:30 am-5:00 pm, regardless of membership level at their home location. If you have a special need for off hours access, please contact the visiting location Community Manager to discuss what may be possible.

Will there be free parking at my visiting location of choice?

Traveling members are responsible for paid parking if it applies, at the visiting Affiliate location. Each location is different, check with the Community Manager of the location for specific parking procedures.

How often can I use an affiliate space?

Members will pay membership in their primary work location and can work out of another location up to 4 days per month total. Should the traveling member need access beyond 4 days per month, they can pay an additional membership fee to the secondary work location.

What other policies or procedures should I be aware of?

Terms and conditions of the traveling member’s home location and all Flywheel Affiliate locations will apply and be attested to with traveling member’s signature.

Flywheel Affiliates have the right to refuse access to members who violate their policies, procedures or whose needs cannot be accommodated by the space.

Affiliate Flywheel Locations

Flywheel Winston-Salem

Flywheel Winston-Salem

500 W. 5th Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

336.715.7279 | Email Us

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Flywheel Concord

Flywheel Concord

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