Join us for an engaging and inclusive event where we’ll explore how Ideas become businesses.  Whether you already own a business or are considering starting one, this program helps you determine if your ideas are viable.

Connect with potential investors and partners through a mentor network, receive feedback from business leaders, and win prizes in a pitch competition to kickstart or continue your entrepreneurial journey.

Explore how Ideas become businesses


Course Objectives:

Develop a clear and compelling business idea

Craft and deliver an effective elevator pitch

Understand the essentials of networking and building relationships with investors and partners

Master the art of persuasive presentation skills

Prepare for the live pitch competition and receive real-time feedback from investors

Learn to leverage resources and experts to launch and scale your business

Win cash and other business resource prizes!

7/11 Week 1: Is Your Idea A Business? (MASTHEAD DAY!)

(Karen Barnes)

– Identifying and validating business ideas

– Conducting market research and competitive analysis

– Defining target audience and value proposition

7/18 Week 2: Local Business Resources To get Started

(Laurie Brintle Jarvis with SBC and ____ with EDC)

   – Government programs and resources for startups and small businesses

    – Local business support organizations and chambers of commerce

    – Online platforms and communities for entrepreneurial guidance and mentorship

7/25 Week 4: Pitch Deck Development

(Penny Chappell Luckraft)

– Creating a persuasive pitch deck

– Selecting and presenting key business metrics and financial projections

– Addressing potential investor concerns and objections

8/1 Week 4: Business Funding Basics

(Speakers TBD)

   – Understanding how you CAN afford to make your ideas into a business

   – Different sources of funding for startups

   – Exploring traditional and alternative funding options

   – Preparing financial projections and documents for potential investors

8/2 through 8/29 Mentorship meetings

– Contact The Masthead to set up your connection with a mentor

– All attendees will be given 2hrs of time from a local mentor and given further material to develop their idea lay out

8/29 Week 5:Local Business Owner Pitch and Q&A Night
  1. Mick Zulpo – The Block, The Lost Wombat, and Liberty Theater
  2. Stoney Greene – Stone Wheel Trucking
  3. Brewer Logan – Verenovo
  4. Erin Vanderploeg/ LB Prevette – Merles

    – Learning from successful entrepreneurs and businesses

    – Analyzing case studies of business challenges and strategies for overcoming them

    – Drawing inspiration from real-world examples of business success

9/4 Week 6: Mock Pitch Presentations and Feedback

– Delivering mock pitches to receive constructive feedback

– Refining presentation skills and addressing areas of improvement

– Incorporating feedback to enhance pitch effectiveness

9/12 Week 7: Live Pitch Competition and Beyond

(Judges will be revealed soon)

– Finalizing pitch decks and presentation materials

– Participating in the live pitch competition

– Receiving feedback from investors and panelists

– Awarding prizes and resources to winners

– Accessing post-competition support, including one-on-one coaching and expert assistance

Note: Throughout the training, participants will have access to additional resources, such as online tutorials, expert webinars, and networking events, to further enhance their pitching and business development skills.
By the end of the course, participants will be equipped with the tools, knowledge, and resources necessary to confidently pitch their business ideas, attract potential investors and partners, and take their business to the next level.

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